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Study Guides


        Spoken Arts is happy to provide teachers and librarians with resources designed to be used with our videos and readalongs.
All Spoken Arts videos have Public Performance Rights. These guides are downloadable and may be photocopied for your use.
Many of these activities can be used generically with any Spoken Arts product. You will find more specific guides under the thematic
units that are available in our catalog. These include discussion, teaching objectives, questions pertaining to the story, and writing,
art and dramatic activities.

To download a title's study guide,
simply click the book cover.
(If your computer balks at this, RIGHT click the book cover,
click on "Save Target As...", and choose Desktop ... or a location you choose)

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Reproducible Worksheets
Click on the Schoolhouse

Miss Bridie's Shove - Study Guide  Beverly Billingsly - Study Guide  Testing - Study Guide  Ouchy's First Day - Study Guide
Falker - Study Guide  Meet the Barkers - Study Guide  Trouble - Study Guide  Big Bad Wolves at School - Study Guide
100th Day - Study Guide  Smartypants - Study Guide  Stop/Drop - Study Guide Incredible Storybook - Story Guide
Dear Deer - Study Guide  First Grade Takes a Test - Study Guide  First Grade Stinks  Hooray For Reading Day
  The Best Story - Study Guide  Sue MacDonald - Study Guide A Pirate's Guide to First Grade Zoola Palooza


ella the elephant - Study Guide  Lucky Day - Study Guide  Benny - Study Guide  Before You Were MIne - Study Guide 
Bombaloo - Study Guide
  Stand Tall - Study Guide  Recess Queen - Study Guide  When Sophie Gets Angry - Study Guide
Three Questions - Study Guide  Walter the Farting Dog - Study Guide  Buster - Study Guide  Woolbur

Bullies Never Win - Study Guide  I Repeat, Don't Cheat! - Study Guide  Bridget's Beret


Boxes for Katje - Study Guide  John Philip Duck - Study Guide  Little Grunt - Study Guide  The Cow Who Clucked
Honey Lion - Study Guide   Great Fuzz Frenzy - Study Guide  Wild Xmas Reindeer - Study Guide  Thundercake - Study Guide
...Raised by Librarians - Study Guide  Pumpkin Eye - Study Guide


No Dogs Allowed - Study Guide  Keeping Quilt - Study Guide


  Beatrice's Goat - Study Guide  Umbrella - Study Guide  Pink & Say - Study Guide  
Thank You, Sarah - Study Guide  Christmas Tapestry - Study Guide  We The Kids ...
Geo. Washington's Teeth - Study Guide  Now & Ben - Study Guide  Lightship Study Guide
 America Is ... - Study Guide  Fireboat - Study Guide  Abraham Lincoln Comes Home - Study Guide
Neo Leo - Study Guide  Emma's Poem - Study Guide  Blockhead - Study Guide  Timeless Thomas - Study Guide

Folk Tales
The Hat  The Mitten  Three Snow Bears - Study Guide

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